Sky is the limit for Access Graduate Emma Lockwood

Emma is an Access student who recently graduated with a BA in Law and Politics at DCU and is now studying for her LLM (Master of Laws) at DCU. In this piece, she explains the impact the Access Programme has had on her education.

“I came to DCU in 2015 on the Access Programme and since the very first week of taking part in the annual Access orientation, I realised how lucky I was to be studying in a university. Coming from my background and the area where I grew up in, college was never something I believed I could achieve. 

“During my undergraduate degree, I was lucky enough to have the continued support from the staff in the Access Office who ensured I was always making the most out of my college experience and offered academic supports when needed. I also received financial support each year which went towards furthering my studies, as legal textbooks can be very expensive. Without these however, I could not have done as well as I did in my exams and assignments – for this I am very grateful!

“As an Access student the opportunities are endless, I was extremely fortunate to secure a place on the Bennett Hospitality Internship 2018, which was opened for students on the Access Programme this year. So during the summer, I flew to Charleston, South Carolina to take part in a prestigious internship with Hilton Hotels & Resorts. I made lifelong friends and experienced southern hospitality working with one of the best companies in the hospitality industry. Not to mention the superb food!

“I have always been so thankful that I received a place on DCU’s Access Programme, as it has undoubtedly shaped me into the confident and hardworking professional I had always aimed to become one day. I have always thought that a person who has ambition should be given the chance to show what they can achieve, without this chance, I see ambition as just another dream! The DCU Access Programme does just this and I am forever thankful to them for the chance they gave me at higher education.”

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