Sarah’s Story

Sarah is currently studying a Masters in Social Media Communications after graduating with a BA in Communications Studies at DCU. In this piece, Sarah explains how Access has supported her throughout her undergraduate and masters degrees.

“I grew up in Gorey in Wexford, where there aren’t many job opportunities for young people. My older sister went to university in NUI Maynooth, so I decided I wanted to go to university as well and began to dig around to see what the different universities offered students in terms of extra support. I already had my eye on Communications Studies at DCU, as I was big into video production at the time, so when I found out about DCU’s Access Programme and the support offered to students, I knew DCU was the best place to go.

My parents separated during my final year of secondary school, which brought on some challenging changes. Unfortunately, I failed to secure the points I needed to study at DCU and with my parent’s separation, my family weren’t in a position to support me financially through college. However, DCU’s Access Programme helped me to get a place on the Communications Studies course through a points reduction system. I can’t describe how happy I was, I felt beyond grateful to be given the opportunity to go to university.

When I finally got to DCU, I integrated into college life with ease through joining DCU’s Media Production Society where I met a lot of people with similar interests to me. Unfortunately, I developed an auto-immune condition while in college. I worked part-time during my undergrad degree, so I sometimes had to take time off work while I was in hospital.

“The financial support from Access was essential in helping me out during these times; I don’t know what I would have done if Access wasn’t there to help me.”


I’m currently studying a Masters in Social Media Communications at DCU, where I’m still supported by Access. I find social media fascinating, and as most companies use social media for marketing nowadays, I thought a masters in social media would help develop my future career.

I took a year out after my undergrad degree to save up for my masters, but I hadn’t saved much as I’d like to have due to being hospitalised with my condition. The support from Access really took the financial pressure off me during my masters, so I’m really grateful to DCU and the Access Programme for helping me out over the past few years.”

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