DCU Access Students Embark on Digicel Internships in Jamaica

DCU Educational Trust is delighted to continue its partnership with Digicel to provide DCU Access Students with unique summer internships. This summer, three students will head to the Caribbean to complete a ten-week work placement with Digicel.

Through this partnership, which has been running since 2011, DCU Access students Amy McMahon, Austin Ackim Phiri and Reoland Pepa will work with the international mobile phone network provider while spending a summer in Jamaica. Before their departure, they shared their hopes for the internships.

For Law and Society student Amy McMahon, a summer in Jamaica is a dream come true. It’s also an opportunity for her to find her independence. The first in her family to go to college, Amy told us what it means to her to attain this summer internship with Digicel’s Legal department.

“I live in Coolock with my mam, my brother and my sister, so this is my first chance to live independently. I’d love to see what it’s like to live on my own and get that sense of independence. That’s not something that I can do in Dublin with the cost of rent here. I will realistically have to move abroad to be able to afford a house someday, so this experience will really stand to me.

After final year, I want to apply for a traineeship to become a solicitor, and the Digicel internship will really stand out on my CV. It shows that I’m willing to take a chance and work abroad, and shows law firms that they can rely on me to do that. It’s an amazing chance and I hope that more Access students will be able to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.”


Second-year student Reoland Pepa is studying Multimedia at DCU, after entering through the Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) route. His ambition is to build a career in design or film, and he hopes he can make an impact on his placement with Digicel.

“I’m the first in my family to get a degree. I want to have choices, and a degree gives you more opportunities. This summer, I’ll be working in the New Trending Media Department in Digicel’s headquarters in Jamaica. I have never travelled that far before! I hope to learn some new skills that I can bring to any job in the future. It’s a great chance for me to build my network, and it will be a boost to my career. I hope I can bring something to the company too. I want to leave my mark, through having an idea or even just through my personality.”


Austin Ackim Phiri will be working with the Project Management team at Digicel this summer. The final-year Marketing, Innovation and Technology student shared what the Digicel internship means to him.

“It’s an opportunity to apply the theory I’ve learned on my course to a real-world scenario. For me, this internship offers a sense of self-discovery and career growth, and will help me make informed decisions in my career. By being exposed to so many fields and working with different people, this experience will help me to find my personal strengths, and for that I am very grateful.

I’ve had really exciting ideas for my own business since first year. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, but I want to see if my ideas make sense in the real world. I’m developing the knowledge and understanding to bring those ideas to life.”


By providing internships to DCU Access students, our partnership with Digicel creates a level playing field for students entering the workplace, and opens a door for bright minds to make an impact in our society.

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