Governance Code

DCU Educational Trust is committed to complying to the charities governance code as issued by the Charities Regulator under section 14(1)(i) of the Charities Act 2009. Our governance code has been developed under the six principles of charity governance which are:

  • Advancing our charitable purpose
  • Behaving with integrity
  • Leading people
  • Exercising control
  • Working effectively
  • Being accountable and transparent

Governance Code

Appendix 1 - Constitution of DCU Educational Trust Company

Appendix 2 - Matters Reserved for the Board

Appendix 3a - Conflict of Interest Policy: Directors & Trustees

Appendix 3b - Conflict of Interest Policy: Staff

Appendix 4 - Code of Conduct

Appendix 5 - Terms of Reference: Finance Committee

Appendix 6 - Terms of Reference: Risk, Compliance and Governance Commitee

Appendix 7 - Strategy Summary

Appendix 8 - Policy Statement on Russia-Ukraine Crisis