Endowed Funds

An endowed fund is a gift that keeps on giving to support future generations of DCU students.

With an endowed fund, we invest the donated money and use the interest earned to fund scholarships, research, academic chairs and many other projects selected by our supporters. The principal sum is never withdrawn and the fund continues to generate valuable and sustainable income indefinitely.

You can create an endowed fund with a gift of €50,000 or more and can add to it over time. Alternatively, smaller contributions to our general endowment funds are also sincerely appreciated.

Many donors choose to name their endowed fund or scholarship in their own name or that of a loved one, extending their legacy far beyond their lifetime.

To discuss establishing an endowed fund, please contact John O’Neill +353 1 7008369 or email john.m.oneill@dcu.ie. Alternatively, click here to view our Endowment Policy for Access Scholarship Funds.