Andrew Dunphy - Achieving in Hurling and University

Dublin senior hurler Andrew Dunphy is a final-year Business Studies student at DCU. In March 2023, he was awarded the Paddy J Wright Memorial Sports Scholarship. Here, he shares his passion for college hurling and his hopes for the future.

“I started hurling when I was about four- or five-years-old. No one in my family was mad on hurling, but my parents brought me down to the nursery at St Brigid’s club in Castleknock, and I haven’t looked back since. I’m playing with Dublin now, and I’ve been playing college hurling with DCU since I started four years ago.

“I love college hurling. You’re playing with your best mates, and that makes it more enjoyable. You make very good friends and build a lot of connections through playing sports.”


For me, one of my proudest moments was winning the U-20 Leinster Championship with Dublin. Dublin hadn’t won anything in a while, so it gave us a lift. I was involved with the senior team as well by then, and that win really built our confidence. You put in a lot of time not winning, so a win means a lot. It would be great to win a Leinster Championship with the Dublin senior team. We got to the final a few years ago, but we want to drive on and win a Championship. I know how hard it would be to win an All-Ireland, but it’s an aspiration. The Leinster Championship is the main target for the moment.

Right now, I’m in my final year of Business Studies at DCU. It can be hard to balance training with coursework, but once you put your own plan in place, you learn to manage your time. My younger sister is studying Business in college too, so it’s nice that I can help her out sometimes – though I think she might help me more!

I chose Business Studies because it gives you a lot of options, and I enjoyed it in secondary school. Our best module at the moment is our Enterprise course. We’re coming up with business ideas to pitch for a Dragon’s Den, working in groups of five. It’s tough going, but really enjoyable. Our pitch is for a healthy takeaway that’s affordable for college students – so we’ll see how it goes! In future, I would love to be involved in the operations side of business, or organising sports events.”

“At first, I was reluctant to do a Master’s because of the cost, but this scholarship gives me the leeway to come back next year for a Master’s in Business Strategy. It has just helped so much financially, and I’m very grateful.”


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