DCU Exoskeleton Programme

Shaping the Future of Paralysis Treatment

The DCU Exoskeleton Programme is a research-driven initiative that is shaping the future of paralysis treatment. Supported by philanthropy, the programme allows people with reduced mobility due to paralysis to access supported walking sessions in an exoskeleton suit, offering users a range of health benefits and giving researchers new insights into how this technology can...
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Enterprise Holdings Take to the Sky for DCU’s Exoskeleton Programme

On 6th July, 17 members of the Enterprise Holdings team took part in a sponsored sky dive which raised over €6,000 for the DCU Exoskeleton Programme.  The programme, which is a physiotherapist led service, allows people with reduced mobility due to paralysis to walk again wearing a robotic suit (exoskeleton) created by Ekso Bionics. The...
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DCU’s Exoskeleton Programme – Colm’s Story

Colm Costigan was a very active man, having ran four marathons and competing the Ring of Kerry, until he suffered a heart attack which left him unable to walk. Colm explains how DCU’s Exoskeleton Programme has helped him get back on his feet. “I retired to Moneygall, County Offaly, with my wife two years ago...
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DCU’s Exoskeleton Programme – Hugh’s Story

Hugh Smith lives in Dublin with his wife and three children. He used to enjoy a thrill-seeking lifestyle, which unfortunately resulted in a serious spinal cord injury. Hugh explains what DCU’s Exoskeleton Programme means to him. “One of my favourite pastimes used to be motorcycle and sidecar racing. I was a sidecar racing passenger to...
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DCU’s Exoskeleton Programme – Deirdre’s Story

Deirdre Heffernan, originally from Co. Mayo, lived a normal life in Dublin until she experienced a rare life-changing illness which left her in a wheelchair. Having become a frequent user of DCU’s exoskeleton suit, Deirdre describes the benefits she’s been experiencing. “I worked in an engineering firm in Dublin until I went on holidays in...
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