Driving Research in Autism Education

Through the research of DCU Institute of Education, our supporters are driving inclusion in schools and communities. In this video, Kerley Autism Education PhD Scholarship recipients Christina O’Keefe and Finbar Horgan share how their research in autism education is advancing our understanding of neuro-affirmative practices in schools.

Thanks to their scholarships, both PhD candidates are now pursuing careers that will allow them to make a real impact in the field: Christina as Assistant Professor in DCU School of Inclusive and Special Education, and Finbar in national autism charity AsIAm.

As part of a significant programme of philanthropically funded research on autism education and neurodiversity at DCU Institute of Education, a further four PhD scholarships have been created for studies in autism education.

Through matched funding from philanthropist Paul Kerley and Bank of Ireland, these scholarships will enable further research on autism education in post-primary schools. The PhD topics will include developing neuro-affirmative practices in mainstream schools, supporting the academic success of autistic learners, supporting their wellbeing in schools and understanding the experience of autistic girls in post-primary school.

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