Alumni Giving

Niall Whelan – Promoting Opportunities for All

Niall Whelan is a DCU alumnus and Principle Business Intelligence Analyst at Intapp. In this piece, he looks back on his time at DCU and shares why he’s proud to support the DCU Access Programme. Tell us a bit about your connection to DCU. I studied my Master’s in Electronic Engineering part-time at DCU, between...
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Eleanor Meritt

Eleanor Meritt – Looking to the Future

Eleanor Meritt is a Senior Vice President at Oracle in Silicon Valley. She completed her undergraduate degree in Computer Applications at DCU in 1990 and began working with Oracle as a Software Developer in the same year. In 2021, America’s National Diversity Council recognised Eleanor as one of America’s Most Powerful Women in Technology. She shares...
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Cllr Seán Kelly

Aiming High – Cllr Seán Kelly

Cllr Seán Kelly studied Economics, Politics and Law at DCU, with support from the DCU Access programme.    In this video, Seán discusses his work as both County Councillor for Louth and Political Advisor to the Ceann Comhairle, and how DCU’s Access Programme contributed to his career success.   DCU’s Access Programme encourages young people from socio-economically...
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Ciara Furlong – Finding New Ways to Treat Illness

Ciara Furlong is a PhD candidate in DCU’s School of Biotechnology. In this piece, she explains how support from the Pierse Endowed Scholarship Fund has enabled her to pursue research that is coming up with solutions to the growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics. I have always had a love of science and I opted...
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Jamie’s Story

Jamie is one of 1,144 students currently supported by DCU’s Access Programme in the 2021/22 academic year. In this video, Jamie describes how the DCU Access Programme enabled him to pursue his dream of third level education.
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Yongda Li – Searching for Life on Mars

Yongda Li is searching for life signatures on Mars through his doctoral research in DCU’s School of Biotechnology. He hopes that one day, his simple, low cost and effective tests will be deployed on a mission to Mars. In this piece, he describes how support from the Orla Benson Memorial Scholarship is helping to advance...
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Aimee’s Story: Becoming Ireland’s First Deaf Primary Teachers Using Irish Sign Language

In 2019, four students began their journey at DCU to become the first Deaf primary school teachers using Irish Sign Language (ISL) in Ireland. Now in the third year of her studies on the Bachelor of Education – Irish Sign Language Pathway, Aimee Ennis McLoughlin, describes her journey so far and how her scholarship supported...
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Nabin’s Story

The DCU Access Programme gives students the opportunity to fulfil their potential in life, no matter who they are or where they come from. In this video, second year business student Nabin describes how the support DCU’s Access Programme has enabled him to pursue his dream of third level education.  
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